Authorized Maintenance Operations list

Aicraft type: Partenavia/VulcanAir P-68 series (Lycoming)


Section 1 – Scheduled Maintenance

• All hour interval inspections up to 200H
• Scheduled inspections up to 12 months
• 500H, 1000H/4 years, 1500H/5 years inspections
• Lycoming engines scheduled inspection/maintenance referring to ENAC 117 rev.19

Section 2 – Non scheduled maintenance

• Special inspection in case of lightning strike
• Special inspection in case of heavy landing
• Special Inspection in case of flight into severe turbulence
• Exhaust system inspection

Section 3 – Miscellaneous operations

• Wheels, tires, brake pads, engine accessories, propeller and governor replacement
• Magnetos impulse coupling inspection
• Engines preservation for inactive aircraft
• Static and dynamic tests with test bench

Section 4 – Modifications (*)

– aerofotogrammetric camera installation based on approved configurations
– simple minor changes introduction not requiring special equipment based on manufacturer technical bulletins or approved data


(*) possible modifications which affect in a significant way avionics aspects must be deliberated by LMA staff holder also in cat. B2

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